Matt Nitzken

Engineer and Scientist



Data Scientist, Electrical & Computer Engineer, Bioengineer

Currently, I am a Data Scientist specializing in machine learning and software automation. In the past I have worked on image and shape analysis, industrial automation, parallel programming, medical software, diagnostics, and startup environments. I have also done work in graphic design in a non-professional role. I love the fast, dynamic, and ever changing environment that data science and software development present.

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The following are publications I have authored and worked on.

Journal Articles
Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings
Theses and Dissertations
United States of America Patents
  • M Nitzken, A El-Baz. “Computer Aided Diagnostic System Incorporating Shape Analysis for Diagnosing Malignant Lung Nodules”. English. Provisional 61-617,865. -.
  • M Nitzken, A El-Baz, A Alansary, A Soliman, M Casanova. “Brain Segmentation Method for Young Children and Adults”. English. Provisional -. -.
  • M Nitzken, A El-Baz, N. Bajaj, A. Ovechkin. “Localized ECG Removal from EMG Signals Using Wavelet Analysis”. English. Disclosure disclosure. -.
  • M Nitzken, A El-Baz, G. Beache. “Improved Spatial-Spectral Analysis by Augmented Modeling of 3D Image Appearance Characteristics with Application to Radio Frequency Tagged Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR)”. English. Non Provisional 61-617,871. -.
  • M Nitzken, A El-Baz, M Casanova. “Computer Aided Diagnostic System Incorporating 3D Shape Analysis of the Brain for Identifying Autism/or Dyslexia”. English. Non Provisional 61-617,869. -.
  • 3D Image Enhancement for Improvements in Spectral Tracking (No. TX 7-546-226). M Nitzken, A El-Baz. 2014
  • Shape Analysis for Early Diagnosis of Autism and Lung Cancer (No. TX 7-520- 124). M Nitzken, A El-Baz. 2013

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